Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
July 16, 2003

The cash report shows total income for the fiscal year (7/1/02 through 6/30/03) of $116,632.00 and total expenses of $111,181.31. The central checking account balance (on 6/30/03) was $22,001.17. The budget report, which is close to the final report for 2002-03, shows actual income of $117,012.00 and actual expenses of $104,021.91. Outstanding expenses include Web site renewal, engraving costs for Club Competition trophies, and reimbursement of Ice Force One's entry fees to the National Synchronized Skating Championships.

Membership totals 556 with 522 home club members. Honorary memberships for Michael Weiss, Derrick Delmore, and Carol Ann Peters Duncan have been renewed. The board passed a motion to give an honorary membership to Florence Sifferd.

The board discussed designating the last Monday night dance session in March, 2004 for the Club Dance Competition at Cabin John. Mt. Vernon has offered Sat., Feb. 21, 2004 (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) for the Club Freeskating Competition. Ashburn has issued a contract for the New Year's Adult Invitational for Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 2004.

Preliminary committee appointments for 2003-04 were announced. Separate test committees, headed by the chairs, will be established for dance and MIF/FS. A Member-at-Large remains to be appointed.

The board will establish coordinators with each rink to facilitate the dissemination of information. To facilitate the process of obtaining an officer's signature on competition forms, especially for out-of-town members, it is possible (for some competitions) for an officer to send a list of skaters in good standing to the competition chair. Another alternative is to send the skater a letter of permission that can be attached to competition forms during the year. Permission to test outside the club must be obtained from the WFSC test chair at least two weeks in advance of the test session.
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