Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
March 2003

The Treasurer's Report shows total income (7/1/02 through 2/28/03) of $73,722.50, and total expenses of $85,079.86. The New Year's Adult Invitational competition was a success with preliminary figures showing income of $10,134.25 and expenses of $6,969.33. Significant expenditures for this month included $3000 paid out to Nationals competitors.

The board passed a motion to increase the entry fees for the WFSC Dance Competition from $40 to $46 for regular events, and from $10 to $12 for the Wheel of Fortune event. The board agreed by consensus to keep the Earl Porter event but make new plans for the award due to the expense of an individual trophy every year. An existing trophy will be used this year while future arrangements are finalized. There is no change in fees for the freeskating competition which is scheduled for May 31, 2003.

Membership committee reports 874 members with 805 home club members. Contracting reports that the MD Personal Property tax forms required to maintain business standing in Maryland have been completed.

Reston offered a summer rate of $225 per hour for Saturday dance in July and August. However, a motion to schedule Saturday Dance at Reston did not pass, nor did a motion to continue Monday Dance at Cabin John and Saturday Dance at Reston in the fall. A motion to continue Monday Class and Dance beginning in September at Cabin John was passed. The Monday Class will be contingent on the return of Rob McBrien or a suitable replacement. The board passed motions to request 2 hours of ice on Sunday mornings at Cabin John and to continue Sunday Dance at Mt. Vernon beginning in September.

Pro Liaison reports that the CRC has a new Web site: www.crcskating.org. CRC will hold a meeting for Governing Council delegates in early April with Debbie Weidman as the speaker. Barb Kapinus was designated as the assistant to the Pro Liaison to help with dance coaches and temporarily take over duties for Vera Spinner when needed.

A motion to hold board meetings at McLean Government Center for 6 months and at Davis Library for the other 6 months did not pass. The board will continue to use the Davis Library for now and will revisit this issue at another time.

A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President in April for the upcoming election. A committee for the Wheeler Award will also be formed by April.
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