Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
November 2002

The cash report shows income of $46,065.50 for the period 7/1/02 through 10/31/02 and expenses of $37,795.18. A deposit of income from subscriptions boosted the balance but is deceptive in terms of covering fall session ice costs since the deposit includes full season subscriptions. The Annual Report to the IRS, Form 990, has been filed. Membership totals 815 with 755 home club members. The club has obtained a quote of $567 from Montgomery County Public Schools to print 700 copies of the Directory. A list of collegiate skaters residing in Maryland has been compiled and sent to Bridgette Snyder and Brienne Johnson to help secure the in-county (Montgomery and Prince Georges) rate for ice rental at the Wells Rink.

The Club has filed a sanction request for the holiday show on December 15 at Cabin John. A First Night Annapolis preview exhibition originally scheduled for 12/4/02 at Quiet Waters Park was cancelled due to lack of skater interest. A spring show will be scheduled instead at Cabin John. The CD player at Mt. Vernon is broken but a new one should be in place in time for dance tests planned for spring. Ernie Harris stated that the sound system works better for announcers with smaller and higher-pitched voices and that using a new microphone or the one in the music room will not solve intelligibility issues for the audience, which are due to placement of speakers over the ice. Because of higher ice costs, club sessions are losing more money this year and the board will need to consider their viability. The December 8th session at Mt. Vernon has been designated as a social ice dance holiday party. The board passed a motion to approve Joel Dear to teach on the Mt. Vernon and Reston dance sessions if he passes the Vera test. Konrad Huppi has written a letter in support of Igor Lukanin's application for an O-1 visa, stating that Igor has the potential to earn in excess of $10,000 from teaching during the year. The board also passed two motions ratifying executive board decisions to hire Justin Pekarek as a temporary replacement for Rob McBrien to teach the Monday night class at a rate of $75 per week, and to purchase 500 WFSC patches at $2 apiece.

The New Year's Adult Competition committee met to organize and assign duties. Ideas for the competitors are being investigated, as is the purchase of a copier. For WFSC home club members, the registrar will obtain a club officer's signature to certify entry after he receives the forms, so they need not be signed in advance.

The adult critique session held at Cabin John on November 19 was very successful. Judges Vera Spinner and Connie Povich met with ten skaters to give feedback on moves in the field as well as freeskating and interpretive programs. There is interest in a Monday night critique session at Reston; the difficulty is in obtaining judges. Skaters can contact Vera Spinner directly to set up a critique at Mt. Vernon. Vera will also provide dance critiques on the club's Sunday dance session for interested skaters.

The board reaffirmed a policy of purchasing USFSA gold medals for home club members passing standard track freestyle, compulsory dance and pairs tests. The motion passed with dissent from a member who felt that the adult track dance test should be included. A motion was approved to give $300 to each of the U.S. Nationals competitors representing WFSC, contingent upon their competing. Michael Weiss, winner of the men's event at Trophie Lalique, is the club's first Grand Prix gold medallist.

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