Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
July 2002

The total income for the period 9/1/01 through 6/30/02 is $108,241.51 and the total expenses are $97,261.38. The fiscal year transition will be complex with 2002-03 membership deposits in June, summer subscriptions spanning the two fiscal years, and outstanding bills for 2001-02 still being paid. The budget was presented for discussion, not as an end-of-year report. Actual income exceeded the budgeted amount for membership, club competitions, club sales (warm-ups and pins), and guest (pick-up) fees. Subscription income ($29,029.70) fell significantly short of the estimated figure ($36,000). Actual competitors support expenses ($8,833.72) were nearly double the budgeted amount ($4,500), and administration expenses ($1,744.20) were much higher than budgeted ($600). The treasurer will break out the expenses grouped under administration so the Board can evaluate those costs for next year. The fees for the checking account seem relatively high, so the treasurer will investigate other options. A budget for 2002-03 will be presented at the August meeting.

Membership stands at 559, with 525 home club members. The Board supported the requirements set by the Worlds 2003 committee that skaters auditioning for flower sweeper positions must be home club members of a CRC club at the time of the tryout and maintain home club membership through the event in March 2003. Officers need to check membership status carefully in signing forms for summer and early fall competitions, and should e-mail the membership chairs about any skaters whose names do not appear on the current membership list.

A schedule of upcoming events for the 2002-03 season will be posted on the bulletin boards at the rinks and online. Response was negative to the proposal to reprogram the Sunday session at Mt. Vernon as an adult mix session, so all club sessions will continue in the fall as currently programmed. Because it is difficult to compete with rink freestyle sessions, the Board discussed alternate ways to support the adult skating community. Ideas include hosting seminars and special events geared toward adults, and scheduling a judges review (critique) session prior to Adult Nationals. The Board is also working on setting up a dance lesson for the group lesson segment of the Sunday Family Session.

Fall subscription information is being prepared and will be mailed to current subscribers and new members. In order to save postage and copying costs, the subscription brochures will be placed on bulletin boards, in folders at the rinks, and posted on the web site.

NanciEllyn Lazarowitz is the new Dance Test Chair, and will be supported by new committee chairs: Hospitality (Jennifer Lyons, assisted by Ann Merz), Music (Jim Wilson), and Monitors (Margo Ritter). The Board passed a motion to authorize NanciEllyn Lazarowitz to open a dance test account with $1,000 in start-up funds; the signatories for this account will be NanciEllyn Lazarowitz and the Washington Figure Skating Club treasurer (Judy Reiner). Committee Appointments were announced. College liaison Bridgette Snyder has expressed interest in forming a collegiate synchronized skating team. Board members are also working to establish better communication with the CRC.

The announcement for the New Year Adult Invitational is being prepared for distribution. The moves-in-the-field events will be aligned with the new adult track.

Plans for the Open House on September 8, 2002 include the moves-in-the-field critique (Vera Spinner) and possible exhibitions by national competitors (Sarah Solomon and Ben Cohen, Beth Delano, Chesapeake Ensemble Teams).

Condoleeza Rice will be invited to be an honorary member of the club and a celebrity judge for the flower sweeper try-outs. President Huppi will send an official letter to the club's honorary members notifying them of the renewal of their memberships.

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