Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting
October 25, 2000

The 1999-2000 Year End Report was revised on September 26, 2000 to show Annual Meeting expenses of $252 instead of $175. The total expenses for the year ending 8.31.00 were revised to $114,165.70 and the income minus expenses figure was revised to -$2,697.48. The Cash Report for the period 9/1/00 to 9/30/00 shows total income of $31,426.50 and total expenses of $12,986.68. The board reviewed a draft of the proposed budget for 2000-2001. The projected total income of $112,600 includes $33,000 from membership dues, $67,000 from subscription and pick-up fees and $8000 from return on investments. The projected total expenses of $117,500 include $9000 in USFSA dues, $85,000 in ice rental, $500 for classes and $4000 for competitors support.

Current membership totals 550 with 509 home club members.

All club sessions are underway except the Thursday Pliť Power class at Wheaton which is scheduled to start November 9. The first segment will have 8 classes with a revised fee of $96; the full season series will be 20 sessions. Full season subscribers to the class will receive a refund for the sessions cancelled due to the rink's delayed opening. Segment 1 subscribers will get a credit toward the next segment and will have the option to convert to a full season subscription. The sessions with the largest number of subscribers are the Family Session (21.5), Saturday Dance at Reston (20.5) and Monday Dance at Cabin John (17.5). The session with the lowest number of subscribers (9) is the Sunday freestyle at Reston.

The pro liaison has received applications from several new professionals to teach on WFSC sessions: Marat Akbarov and Marina Akbarova for the Family Session and Igor Lukanin for the Sunday dance session. The board has deferred decisions on the applications until the pro liaison has had an opportunity to meet with the pros and take a trial lesson. A large number of skaters participated in the South Atlantics Send-off this year and the exhibition ran over into the dance session. Session subscribers were issued credits for the missed time. The board discussed the advisability of taking the group photo at the conclusion of the exhibitions rather than in the middle.

The board discussed a proposal to host an adult competition in early July. The advantages of a July competition date are the availability of large blocks of ice time and the potential for tying in with vacation travel to the area around the time of the July 4 holiday. The drawbacks are that July may be an off-peak time for some adult skaters and the schedule is crowded with the Skate Wilmington competition (which features adult events) and an adult training camp planned by the Gardens FSC for August. As an alternative idea, the club is considering a bid to host the Adult Eastern Sectional in a future year.

Concerns were raised regarding the selection criteria for the proposed volunteer award. The club has many worthy volunteers, and it would be difficult to select one recipient without slighting other candidates. The board endorsed a proposal that the award be given for long-term service when appropriate, rather than instituting a yearly award. The board also recommended that the Blade feature spotlight articles to recognize the contributions of the club's volunteers. The first article will recognize Florence Sifferd.

The committee on jacket design has produced a sketch that will be sent to the Blue Sky company to determine the design's suitability for production. President Huppi is in the process of completing the USFSA nomination form for 2001-2002 officers and committee chairmen, due by November 15. At the recommendation of board member Marcia Sowles, the club is investigating the possibility of hosting a seminar on sports medicine to inform skaters, coaches and parents about ways to recognize and avoid training injuries. The seminar would include sports psychology as well. The board voted to give $100 to WFSC skaters qualifying for sectional competition and $200 to those qualifying for Junior Nationals.

WFSC extends deepest sympathy to the Delmore family on the death of Derrick's father, John.
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